> ____'s Foreign Language Institute

Se-Bin (Annie)
Miss Choi & the whole class
Seon-Yeong (Sunny), Se-Bin (Annie), Soo-Jeong (Susan), & Tong-Hyun (Tony)
____'s Foreign Language Institute
Yae-Seung (Mary) & Chul-Wu (Bobby)
me & my morning kindergarten class
Miss Choi, Yae-Seung (Mary), & Chul-Wu (Bobby)
Pak-Chan (Patrick) & Tong-Hyun (Tony)
teacher's office
Seon-Yeong (Sunny), Soo-Jeong (Susan), & Se-Bin (Annie)
Seon-Yeong (Sunny), Jef (Jef-Ye), Se-Bin (Annie), & Soo-Jeong (Susan)
Tong-Hyun (Tony)
Tong-Hyun (Tony) & Yae-Seung (Mary) drawing guitars
Tong-Hyun (Tony) & Pak-Chan (Patrick) eating lunch
Seon-Yeong (Sunny), Seung-Wuk (Victor), Pak-Chan (Patrick), & Se-Bin (Annie)
Seok-Hwan, Kill-Wu, & Kyung-Sub
Eun-Ji, Ae-Na, & Sae-Rom
Annie & Bobby
Mary & Patrick
playing musical chairs
inside the water plant
outside the water plant
school van
putting the tree together
Miss Choi and kids with the Christmas tree
decorating the Christmas tree
lighting the Christmas tree
kids with the Christmas tree
me with kindergartners & Korean fire truck
two Korean firemen & many Korean children
Miss Choi, kindergartners, fireman, fire truck
fireman, kindergartners, Miss Choi