Korean penis

Last night I ended up going out with the other teachers from my Monday & Wednesday hagwon jobs again, and once again we ended up at the nightclub with the dancing wolf-masked men.  It was much like the last time, except this time there were teachers from two schools, which meant that I was a white guy sitting and drinking at a table of about twelve Korean women — my boss was, once again, right by my side pouring beer into my glass whenever it approached empty. 

When I arrived the wolf-masked men were dancing to a Koreanized version of "Rock Me, Amadeus." 

I, being the only white guy in our party (and the club), was an awkward center of attention — the women stared and smiled at me, but very few had the ability or courage to speak to me.  We drank for a while, then I was dragged onto the dance floor where we all stood in a circle and danced very small steps, nothing flashy, to Korean pop songs.  At times, someone would get pushed into the center of the circle at which point he or she would dance with slightly bigger steps and everyone would go "WOOOOOHHH!" and clap.  I, being drunk and American, danced with large obnoxious steps.  It seemed to go over well. 

The wolf-mask men came back out after a bit, this time without the masks, and started to strip again.  They didn’t wear g-strings this time, however, so I was lucky enough to see Korean penis.  I’m really glad I was able to see Korean penis before I head home for the holidays, it’ll be a great story for Christmas dinner with the family.  I wouldn’t normally have watched this sort of thing, but I would have looked strange not watching as all the men and women were watching this fixedly.

When the stripping ended we sat back down and drank some more.  I drank more than everyone else, both because I couldn’t really converse with anyone and because my glass was the most intensely monitored.  Also, the situation merited heavy drinking.

There was more dancing, there was flirting without talking with one of the Korean teachers, there was lots of drinking, there was a strange business proposal from a man who cornered me in the bathroom, and there was this quote from one of the two other men in our party:  "Sometimes marriage is very good, and sometimes it is problem."  Yeah, he was trying to "make happy" with the boss again.

I took a short video of the wolf-masked men dancing on tables, I shall try and post it soon.  It is not a great video, but it is evidence. 

Today was my last day of teaching for about six weeks, which is cause for sighs of temporal relief and astonishment at the speedy passage of time… hopefully the next six weeks will progress slowly.  Needless to say, I was in dire need of a break. 

One of my students, a business woman who I have been teaching two times a week for three or four months, gave me twenty white roses as a going-away present of sorts.  I expected her to give me a gift of some sort, but I was a bit taken aback and confused by the roses.  Lest any of you think it was a come-on, she is married and they were white roses.  If anything, it was a horribly racist gesture — white roses to a white guy, what the hell is that supposed to mean?  Tryin’ to keep the white man down and shit.

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  • Sounds like you had a howling good time! 🙂

  • Mike

    Not sure what your “evidence” about Korean penis could be about, but if if you’re interested in Korean wangs (which I surmise could only be about size) there’s data here:


    About 2.75″ flacid. They don’t give an erect length, just a stretched length (which I assume is in a flacid state) which is 3.75″ average.

  • Seung


  • seung

    Oh, btw, can you be any more Eurocentric?
    I think living in a foreign land is to embrace the differences and diversity, not to insist upon my views and ways… Just a thought…

  • Kang-chul

    Eurocentric? Give the guy a break. Koreans have this weird tendency to act like everything about their country is the best. It’s exhausting and offputting. There’s not much of a culture to embrace. Deep down they’re just embarrassed that they had to be rescued by the big bad US of A twice (WWII and Korean War) in battle and at least once (1998-99 corruption-induced economic meltdown) financially. With all their xenophopia, casual stereotyping and lazy thinking about other cultures and races, they have it coming when “Eurocentric” visitors slam them. They think they’re hot shit and that’s what makes the whole tiny penis thing so funny. An inferiority complex can manifest itself in some very interesting ways!

  • KK

    I bet you couldn’t get laid by a Korean woman though… You’re a hypocrite. Jobless in America, shmoozing with the Koreans, teaching them ESL, getting $10/hour, all saying gam sah ham me dah… bowing sincerley. Then you come back to scranton, PA and rant with your multi-cultured friends. Nice… here’s to globalization and America. By the way, as a proud American, I pay more taxes that your little town and have been all over the world, experienced a lot worst in eurocentric cities but choose to respect the locals. Stop pontificating!

    FYI…I’ve been with lots of white girls, asian girls, black girls… good looks help.

    p.s. I’m going to translate this crap and send it to your ESL centers.

  • Uncle Sam

    YOu need… http://www.worldcitizensguide.org/

    You’re a pathetic American

  • Jef

    Thank you for so succinctly deconstructing my existence, based clearly on your extensive research.

    Oh, and I appreciate the romantic advice, as well.

    I think it’s neat how you hide behind the anonymity of the internet while criticizing me for openly “pontificating.”

    Thanks for visiting my site, “KK”/”Uncle Sam!”

    ~Jef Taylor

  • Ju Hwan

    i am korean. just sawt his…really wier…but my cock size is 6.4in..

  • greggsf

    I dated a korean guy with a huge cocck. quite nice.

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