Tropicana Orange Juice

This is my last night in America for a while, but this is a good thing. If ever there were an ideal time to flee the U.S. of A., I reckon this here’d be it. I’ll be back when there’s somebody good running that place, till then I’mna watch this mess all play out from abroad.

My flight is tomorrow at 1:30 p.m. — the future is now, how’d that happen? I’ll tell you how that happened: Monday begat Tuesday, Tuesday begat Wednesday, Wednesday begat Thursday, and on and on and so forth. And now today is here, and tomorrow I move to Korea.

At Michael’s in Brooklyn right now — fucked up with an old friend in New York City, for the last time in a long time. Jim Carrey is on Conan, not being funny — Michael is reading Chekhov and drinking Tropicana Orange Juice.

3 comments to Tropicana Orange Juice

  • Tanesha

    hi my name is tanesha. i was juss telling you that u have the best orange juice in the world. everyday for lunch i drink tropicana oprange juice and eat an orange

    Great Job


  • G. Tiruneh

    Dear Tropicana. I really enjoy your orange juice so much, thank you. I reallized recently that your “Some Pulp” orange juice has changed in taste; it has an unpleasant after taste, kind of soapish. I tried your “lots of pulp” orange juice and found out that it tastes same as the “some pulp” used to be (at least until a couple of weeks ago). Please check that out. For me, it does not matter as long you do not try to change the “lots of pulp” one I have started buying.


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